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Planning documents for Burnside Development

There seems to be problems with the planning portal so we have downloaded the documents and placed them in a folder in the TCT shared drive. They are at

Please make sure you close the link down after use so as not to overload our system.

We would urge you to submit your own responses to the Planning Department as well as CC/TCT, as seemingly the Council take more notice if there is a high number of comments.

Currently we’re working towards the 30th December deadline.

Proposed Housing Development in Thornhill

You may be aware of a proposed mixed housing/ industrial development on the edge of Thornhill, which includes 73 new houses and JCC moving to the new site.
The proposal concerns land North West Of And At Burnside Works Main Street Thornhill.
More information can be found on the Stirling Council Planning website at

Community councils have a statutory right to be consulted on applications for planning permission and represent the local viewpoint on developments.
Thornhill & Blairdrummond Community Council are hosting an open meeting online this Wednesday evening (15th Dec), contact for the joining instructions

There are a couple of things to note:

  • There are 47 documents in total so you may want to concentrate on the areas which affect you most or which you have expertise in.
  • The deadline for comments to the Planning Department is 30th December which doesn’t give us much time to study the documents. However, the Community Council has requested an extension to this deadline so I will inform you if it is granted.
  • As Thornhill residents you have the right to comment on this planning application either directly to the Planning Department or via the Community Council. TCT will also develop a response based on your feedback.

Please respond to if you would like your views included in the TCT response.

Thornhill and Blairdrummond Community Council Meeting

We had hoped to have face-to-face meeting going forward, but zoom is necessary with work and small family commitments, so sticking to that until we can find a way to have hybrid meetings.

We hope to see you tonight at 7.30pm.

Join Zoom Meeting…

Meeting ID: 840 9894 0950

Passcode: 583508

Thornhill and Blairdrummond Community Council meeting

All Thornhill and Blairdrummond residents are welcome to join this week’s meeting on Wednesday, 13 October at 7.30pm

Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 823 0268 8952

Passcode: 797867

Community Council AGM Minutes: 9 June 2021

Community Council Minutes: 9 June 2021

Response from Stirling Council that needs village feedback before further action

Dear Thornhill & Blairdrummond Community Council

I refer to your enquiry regarding visibility issues at the junction of Kippen Road and Main Street, Thornhill and the suggestion you made to extend the existing double yellow lines.

I can advise that I have visited the location and understand that sightlines could be improved by extending the double yellow lines by approximately 10 metres, however this would remove valuable parking facilities for residents of the local area.

I would therefore be obliged if you can confirm local community support for this proposal prior to me commencing the statutory process to extend them.

Kind regards
Daniel De Rossi, Traffic Management Officer

Response from local police on speeding and pavement parking in Thornhill


Good morning Elaine,

We will continue to carry out speed checks on the Main Street.  Unfortunately the hand held radar that we use is currently away for calibration at the moment but once it is back – we will ensure that Thornhill is one of the first areas we go to.

We also put our “pop-up” police officer in various locations within the Trossachs and Teith area to act as a reminder to drivers to check their speed.

With regards to parking on the pavement – if the vehicle is causing an obstruction, this should be reported to Police via 101 at the time of the obstruction.

Thank you,


PC 048 Deans
Trossachs and Teith Ward Officer
South Church Street

Tel: 101

RUN HIDE TELL – how to stay safe from a firearms or weapons attack:

Twitter: @policescotland

Community Council Minutes: 28 April 2021

Community Council Minutes: 17 March 2021

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