Thornhill Biodiversity Group are a small group of Thornhill residents with an interest in wildlife and nature. The aims of this group are to increase the understanding (among themselves, as well as others!) of Thornhill’s biodiversity, and to find ways of improving both this biodiversity, and the enjoyment derived from it by members of the community. Activities include occasional meetings, surveys of plants and animals, and provision of events and equipment to engage villagers in Thornhill’s wildlife.

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Thornhill Commons
The community of Thornhill are fortunate enough to have two areas of common land which bound the village on its north and south sides. The North Common is wilder in character than its counterpart to the south, comprising a mix of grassland, marshland, scrub and woodland habitats.

These habitats support a wide variety of plants and animals, and many villagers enjoy regular walks around the North Common’s network of paths

As well as providing these walkers with flowers and bird song, especially during the spring and summer, this mosaic of open areas, shrubs and trees gives the village easy access to many species that would be difficult to find in much of the surrounding gardens and farmland.

North Common Survey