26 November – public meeting, 2-5pm, Thornhill Community Hall

Please see below an important message from Joyce Firth on behalf of Thornhill Futures Group regarding our Local Place Plan.

 You can view Thornhill's draft Local Place Plan here 

Apologies if you have received this information already, we want to reach as many residents as possible so that they can take part in this important meeting. Everyone who lives in and around the village is invited.

This is a community-led plan and many of you will already have contributed via surveys and attendance at the Gathering in May.

The draft plan includes a very long list of all the proposals/ideas for action which have emerged during our community consultations. Please take a look and decide what you think should be our priorities for the short, medium and long term benefits for our community.

You can vote for the ideas you feel should be supported at our meeting on 26 November, 2-5pm, Thornhill Community Hall.

This is a Drop-in session, with light refreshments – come when you can and take the time to look at maps and consider the options. As before, the meeting room will be arranged as an unsupervised play area for families.

If you find you are unable to attend the meeting, an online poll will be available via the community website shortly afterwards so you can record your vote there.

We can achieve whatever we set our minds to but all actions need owners.
A variety of skills will be needed to achieve these aims– much of the works may have to be done by contractors (local if possible). However, they will need to be coordinated by for example short term task groups. We will need fundraisers, project management ….as well as practical skills.

If a proposal receives no support or has no names beside it, we will need to set it aside until such times as there is support for it.

If you can help deliver invitations to the meeting to every home in Thornhill next week, please get in touch with me. Also, if you have a little time to spare on the afternoon of 26 November, we would be very glad to have a hand with welcoming people to the meeting, catering and tidying up at the end. Please let me know as possible.

As always please contact me if you have any questions.

Looking forward to seeing you all on 26 November.

Kind Regards