Thornhill Futures

Welcome to Thornhill Futures Group.
The Group was launched on 1 March 2021 with residents from all walks of life coming together to prepare a vision for the future of Thornhill.

Our Purpose:
We aim to capture the views of the entire community to identify the local needs and aspirations of residents and businesses and envisage a sustainable future beyond the pandemic.

How we will do this:
We will have conversations, Zoom meetings, surveys and, in time, face to face meetings. There have been discussions about the values that will shape the study as well as the importance of capturing information from local businesses, organisations and groups and from statutory bodies.

Proposals and Making Decisions:
Concerns and ideas from residents will be considered along with the information acquired from various agencies to identify a comprehensive range of possible actions and then give everyone a chance to shape the future priorities of the community.

Notes from Thornhill Futures Group meetings and other updates will be posted regularly on the Futures Updates blog page so you can follow our progress.

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