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Flanders Moss In The News

The Guardian Newspaper has an article about Flanders Moss which you can read here.

And following David’s departure last year there is now a new Reserve Manager, and bog dog of course, in post. Read Amee’s post below.

Another year has passed and we now embark on a new year with a new start! My name is Amee and this is Oatie aka The new reserve manager and bog dog! Many may recognise me as I return back to Stirling NNRs! But this time the return is permanent! Read more…

2 bogs, a swamp and some islands

Go Down to the Moss Tonight…..if you dare!

Happy Hallowe’en from Flanders Moss NNR

If you venture out onto Flanders Moss, beware the centre of the bog. For here you will find a small and unassuming loch. But as darkness falls and the mist rolls in, who knows what may be lurking in the deep… An ominous misty morning on Flanders Moss NNR Perhaps you have […]

Happy Hallowe’en!

Flanders Moss Beef on TV

Flanders Moss NNR Flanders Moss featured rather nicely last week on BBC Scotland Landward. Nick Nairn visited West Moss-side farm and talked to its owner Kate Sankey about her organic Shetland cattle herd that grazes the edge of Flanders. There is also some spectacular drone footage of Flanders. Follow the link below to reach the […]

Flanders Moss Beef on TV

Flanders Moss Boardwalk Safari

Flanders Moss NNR

Flanders Moss is a really special place, home to some amazing wildlife. If you’ve never visited the reserve before you might like to find out what kinds of plants and animals you can expect to see on your visit at this time of year.

Well luckily, we have created a virtual boardwalk safari so you can do just that! As we are unable to run guided walks at the moment, due to covid 19 restrictions, this virtual tour of the boardwalk will show you some of the incredible wildlife we have on the reserve, like lizards and dragonflies, and tell you exactly where to look out for them.

We hope you enjoy your boardwalk safari!

Find out more about the reserve and how to get there here.

Let us know what you see on your visit by tagging us in your photos on instagram and facebook and by recording them in the new bog book!

Sit, relax, record on the contemplative spur | 2 bogs, a swamp and some islands

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Our local nature reserve

Staying local and enjoying lockdown | 2 bogs, a swamp and some islands

Chicks on curlew cam – the best thing of the day | 2 bogs, a swamp and some islands

Flanders and Blawhorn access update

Blawhorn Moss NNR and Flanders Moss NNR Current advice from Scottish Government We know that people want to make the most of the beautiful country that we live in, however current advice is travel for exercise and leisure should remain within your local area. You can travel short distance for outdoor recreation, but stay local […]

Flanders and Blawhorn access update

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