Thornhill, Stirling, United Kingdom

Response from Stirling Council that needs village feedback before further action

Dear Thornhill & Blairdrummond Community Council

I refer to your enquiry regarding visibility issues at the junction of Kippen Road and Main Street, Thornhill and the suggestion you made to extend the existing double yellow lines.

I can advise that I have visited the location and understand that sightlines could be improved by extending the double yellow lines by approximately 10 metres, however this would remove valuable parking facilities for residents of the local area.

I would therefore be obliged if you can confirm local community support for this proposal prior to me commencing the statutory process to extend them.

Kind regards
Daniel De Rossi, Traffic Management Officer


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  1. Alyn Den holm

    My feelings on the extension of double yellow lines to restrict parking at the junction of Kippen Road are, perhaps not essential enough to restrict those living there from having their car at the house. There are those who have no off street parking available to them and at present I feel the money could be better spent elsewhere.

    Alyn Denholm.


  2. Belinda MacMillan

    Before any action is taken please consider that many of the house holders (including us) on BOTH sides of the Main Street do not have any alternative parking options other than on the Main Street. Added to this, spaces need to be available for shop deliveries and the regular 3 weekly visit of the Post Office. If/when any building work is done or deliveries are made there is already a problem which affects the WHOLE of the main street, not just at the cross at the Kippen end It is also impossible to find any parking places in the area when the Masonic Lodge has a meeting.
    If a few people do not like approaching this junction from the Kippen side, they have two alternatives – turn left at the school, follow the road round and approach the Cross from the Hill side. OR turn right at the play park, follow that round round and get to the main road that way.
    I would be interested to know how many accidents have occurred at this junction during the last 5 years?
    Parked cars are the most practical way of slowing down traffic which up till now has been the main concern of the people living on the main street

    Belinda MacMillan
    14 Main Street (side of discussed extended yellow lines)

  3. Graham Speirs

    I stay at no 16 Main Street, I have no driveway or garage and have no option but to park on the Main Street. I’m not aware of any particular dificulties in negotiating this junction. Any parking restrictions in the vicinity of the junction will cause a major inconvenience to residents in this area. I strongly object to this proposal.

    Graham Speirs

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