Thornhill Village Tubs Audit, Sunday 18th Sept

We were pleased to have 7 of us out to check the tubs. It was dull but at least the ink didn’t get washed off our forms!  We recorded the condition of the tubs, listed the plants and got a measure of what might be needed to invigorate them. Thanks also for the apologies from people who couldn’t come on the day and other offers to water and help out on special events.

Atubs-team-looking-forward-to-sconesll 15 tubs now have named volunteer caretaker/s   which is a great collective commitment – thank you.

The wooden staves in the tubs were all sound but the metal hoops will need some attention to minimise effect of rust and to keep the staves firmly in place.

Many of the original plants have served well but every tub will need some lifting and dividing and new plants added in to the mix. The condition of the soil varied from tub to tub and as every tub has a lot of spring flowering bulbs we plan to renew soil/compost in late spring next year.

It was good to have an in depth look and the tubs and make some plans for urgent tasks to be done before winter – you may have you noticed the disappearance of the giant lonesome hebe on the corner of the road to Doune!

 We have time before spring to work out costs for materials & plant and as result of the audit make a detailed bid to the community council for support. We also plan to support the primary school wormery by purchasing worm juice to help feed the tubs.

There’s lots to do so don’t hesitate to get in touch via thornhillstirling at gmail dot com  if you’d like to help.

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