Our Guiding Principles will support the creation of a distinctive, productive and liveable community. In seeking to uphold this vision we have agreed four principles to test future proposals:

1. Valuing place for a distinctive and sustainable community with an underlying presumption against large scale development.

How will this proposal:
  • safeguard and enhance our natural environment
  • help us respond to the challenge of the climate crisis
  • safeguard and enhance our historic and traditionally built environment
  • preserve the character and ambience of our conservation village for future generations
  • protect and respect the scale and diversity of the community, the physical environment, geographical location and heritage which are all sources for quality of life in Thornhill
  • reduce the impact of traffic in our living environment and promote active travel routes.

2. Developing a resilient local economy for a productive, liveable and sustainable community.

How will this proposal:
  • encourage establishment or growth of businesses which bring local employment, resilience, wealth, community cohesion and amenity to our community
  • improve or develop services which support a productive and liveable community (e.g. public transport, health and education services)
  • prioritise the circular economy, retrofit of existing building stock and address the impacts of climate change.

3. Developing a caring and kind community.

How will this proposal:
  • respond and care for the emotional, social and care needs of the vulnerable of all ages
  • ensure that Thornhill is a safe place to live, physically, socially and culturally
  • promote diversity and belonging
  • promote the interests of sustainability and revitalisation, as well as representation
  • seek to involve the entire community and the range of perspectives and experiences it contains by enabling people, irrespective of their origins or background, to contribute to it and to value the contributions of others who live and work in it.

4. Increasing the agency of the community over decisions about its future.

How will this proposal demonstrate:
  • effective consultation with residents and representative community groups
  • an action generated by the community with a clear evidence base of local need
  • collective support by the community
  • genuine community input to development planning, at the strategic level and in relation to specific proposals
  • adaptation to changing circumstances through greater resilience, self-reliance and collaboration with adjacent communities, Stirling Council and other local agencies.