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Community Council elections – update May 2023

After representations to Stirling Council by ourselves and elected Councillors, we have been advised by Stirling Council’s governance department that a new round of Community Council elections are going to be held in late May/early June.

We hope this will allow us to re-form the Community Council without further delay. This change of tune by Stirling Council means we should not now have to raise a community petition after all, so we welcome the change.

Once again, if any member of the community is interested in standing as a candidate to volunteer for the Community Council, we would ask that they get in contact with us at

Community Council Elections – Update

Stirling Council has advised us that not enough valid nomination forms were received by the deadline for us to form a Community Council. For that reason, the Thornhill and Blair Drummond Community Council has been stood down – for the time being.

However, we have enough volunteers to form a Community Council, and are in the process of establishing a route by which the Community Council can be stood back up, as soon as possible.

It is important that the Community Council is in existence, not just as your conduit to have community matters represented to Stirling Council, and elected Councillors, but because the Community Council is a statutory consultee which legally must be consulted on planning matters in the area. This is particularly relevant at the moment with the proposed major development by Inverdunning currently being at the appeal stage.

We have asked Stirling Council for guidance in re-establishing our Community Council. Our preferred option is that they accept the nominations from the current volunteers immediately, allowing the Community Council to re-form straight away. Failing this, we aim to petition for a Community Council to be formed, relying on Local Government legislation to do so. This will take a matter of weeks.

What this means for YOU:

1. We may be asking the community to support our petition to re-form the Community Council. This is likely to be in the next week or so. Please support the petition!

2. Please spread the word – we know not everyone in the community has access to social media, so let everyone know what is happening.

3. We are always looking for more volunteers to be on the Community Council. If you are interested in finding out more of what is involved (it doesn’t take much time or effort) please get in touch with any (former) Community Council member, via the TBDCC Facebook page, or emailing

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