Response from Stirling Council that needs village feedback before further action

Dear Thornhill & Blairdrummond Community Council

I refer to your enquiry regarding visibility issues at the junction of Kippen Road and Main Street, Thornhill and the suggestion you made to extend the existing double yellow lines.

I can advise that I have visited the location and understand that sightlines could be improved by extending the double yellow lines by approximately 10 metres, however this would remove valuable parking facilities for residents of the local area.

I would therefore be obliged if you can confirm local community support for this proposal prior to me commencing the statutory process to extend them.

Kind regards
Daniel De Rossi, Traffic Management Officer

Response from local police on speeding and pavement parking in Thornhill


Good morning Elaine,

We will continue to carry out speed checks on the Main Street.  Unfortunately the hand held radar that we use is currently away for calibration at the moment but once it is back – we will ensure that Thornhill is one of the first areas we go to.

We also put our “pop-up” police officer in various locations within the Trossachs and Teith area to act as a reminder to drivers to check their speed.

With regards to parking on the pavement – if the vehicle is causing an obstruction, this should be reported to Police via 101 at the time of the obstruction.

Thank you,


PC 048 Deans
Trossachs and Teith Ward Officer
South Church Street

Tel: 101

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