Jamie Hamilton and Roland Playle, facilitators of our event, on 20 May have prepared a summary of the event. The information has been woven into an online form which will allow everyone  to make a response to the ideas, plans and principles which have been proposed by the residents of Thornhill.

These results are available here, and will be sent directly to people on Thornhill Resident’s Contact List  and via social media. A paper copy will be posted on the noticeboard at the telephone box.

There’s a lot of information here – not everybody will be interested in everything, but everybody will be interested in something.

We will be accepting responses until 7 July so residents will have time to look at the content and decide their response.

You can still join the Contact List join here

Thank you
Joyce Firth, on behalf of Thornhill Futures Group
Contact us on futures@thornhillstirling.org