Proposed development in Thornhill

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The following information has been received from a representative of JCC Group Ltd. and WS Dunsire & partners. They are proposing developments to the current JCC site in Thornhill and development of a new site, new housing and community facilities. See draft masterplan.

A summary has already been published in ‘Thornhill Views’. The following is the detailed document.

The involvement of the community is an integral part of our proposals, in particular the future use of the existing JCC site.

This proposal has not yet been discussed with Stirling Council or local Councillors but we have sought whether the area is of interest to Rural Stirling Housing Association. In the first instance however,  we wish to seek the views of the Thornhill residents.

  • This is a joint initiative between JCC and WS Dunsire (+ partners), culminating from a necessary business decision by JCC to relocate. The agricultural business is expanding rapidly and is ‘out-growing’ the existing site. The site is not in a good location, being situated on a corner to the western entrance to the Conservation Village of Thornhill and adjacent to a residential area.
  • At present JCC employs 20 staff (including a number of apprenticeships) of which most are local. JCC wishes to expand which will increase local employment opportunities, most notably apprenticeships. A number of sites out with Thornhill have been considered, however it is JCC’s preference to remain close to Thornhill.
  • The Local Development Plan promotes the existing JCC site as a preferred residential area, recognising that the land use is classed as a ‘bad neighbour’ to the adjacent residential  area. Due to the type of business use, the site is contaminated and along with the existing redundant listed building (for which JCC still pays rates) is deemed non viable for residential use.
  • After an extensive site search  and in agreement with JCC, WS Dunsire (+partners) have secured the land for the potential relocation of the agricultural business, as delineated in Plan 1 + 2 attached. The land parcel extends to some 7.3 hectares.
  • The land is classed as greenfield in the Local Development Plan, however there are no other brownfield sites available for such a use within the Thornhill settlement boundary.
  • There are significant costs involved in the relocation of JCC and in this regard, there is a requirement and opportunity to consider a viable and sustainable growth of Thornhill.
  • As part of this proposal we have undertaken a number of studies and financial appraisals which have formed the basis upon which a viable Master Plan can be prepared.
  • The studies already undertaken comprise for example, ecology, landscape, transport and economics, which have guided the initial Master Plan.
  • As part of the viability of the proposal, the economic study has extensively reviewed the ‘economic health’ of Thornhill. Important matters such as age profile, school role, existing services, employment and housing provision have been considered.
  • It is clear in the report that there are employment and housing issues within Thornhill, with limited services and potential future problems with the school role. An analogy has been provided with the village of Doune, which several years ago was in decline. The introduction of a business area and new housing has seen a marked increase in the vitality of Doune, with a number of new social facilities opening, attracting young families and opportunities to the area.

The indicative Plan 3 promotes land use areas, with some 2.7 hectares of Business and industrial use, being located to the western edges of the proposed site with associated access.JCC requires a purpose built site of 1 ha with a 50sq meter workshop.It is proposed as part of this development and in terms of viability to also consider additional business and industrial space, opening up further employment opportunities for the area. In terms of the residual area to the north of the road, it is proposed to promote a mixed tenure residential development. This will assist in the viability of the employment/industrial site as well as providing a mix of houses including bungalows and affordable housing. No layout has been prepared but would estimate that such an area could be suitably facilitate some 70 houses for the market over a period of time, which is significantly less than the number built at Doune.

The site presently occupied by JCC is identified in the Local Development Plan for residential use. The site has been examined and is subject to contamination. The shape of the site and the existence of the redundant listed building renders the site as not suitable or viable for residential use.The proposal is to work with the local community and create an area, for example comprising a village square, some retail units, parking and landscaping. It is possible the redundant listed building could be re-used as a community hub/café linked in to leisure/cycling or similar uses. The Master Plan comprising the proposed new employment area, residential use and re-use of the JCC site are inter-linked and the viability of which are based in part on the proposed new houses.

In normal circumstances on this important matter, we would have presented our proposals to the local community to seek their opinions and ideas.

The views of the local community are important and we would be pleased to answer any questions you may have.

The requirement for JCC to relocate and the cost of relocation are fundamental to this proposal, along with an opportunity for investment in Thornhill. There is a requirement for JCC to relocate in the immediate future.

In terms of planning procedure and the next steps, the Master Plan proposal under the planning regulations, would require to be formally consulted with the local community over a 12 week period, seeking views and ideas. After such time a planning application could be submitted to Stirling Council, whereupon all interested parties could make representations direct to the Council.


Stirling Council Road Gritting

Information from Councillor Martin Earl

I thought it might be useful for all Community groups/Community Councils in the area to have a copy of the latest winter roads/pavements policy that the Council use to govern their gritting/snow clearing operations.

Also here is a link to the FAQ page on the Council’s website regarding this. There is a map that shows the routes the council treats and what priority they are.


Stirling Council Budget Survey

Information from Stirling Council.

Big Budget Conversation – Survey ends 24 January

Stirling Council is facing significant financial challenges in the short and medium-term future. The costs of delivering our essential services continue to increase due to inflation and service demand, and the funding to support this delivery has not kept pace. There is also greater demand on some of our key services than ever before as we work to support a growing older population, as well as respond to the global Covid-19 pandemic.  As a result the Council needs to save at least £8million to balance next year’s budget.

When it comes to setting our budget, there are increasing restrictions on the areas where we can make savings. Some of our funding is ring-fenced and some is only available to us if we maintain service levels.  

We would really appreciate your feedback via our survey to understand what your priorities are for our budget-setting next year. The survey is on our new Engage Stirling Platform and closes on Sunday 24 January 2021. Please take the time to give your views before then.

Please Note: Engage Stirling does not support the legacy browser, Internet Explorer.  For the best user experience, please open Engage Stirling in another browser such as Google Chrome.

Corona Virus Update 13th Jan 2021

Information from Stirling Council Community Response Team.

There have been some recent change for Five postcode districts – FK17, FK18, FK19, FK20, FK21 . Home testing for coronavirus (COVID-19) symptomatic people has been expanded to rural areas of Stirling Council where it was previously unavailable.

For further details follow this link –https://www.stirling.gov.uk/news/2020/december-2020/home-testing-for-covid-19-expanded-to-all-of-rural-stirling/

Please note there is also a telephone number 0300 303 2713 and further information available on – https://www.gov.uk/get-coronavirus-test

Have also attached the latest Community News Bulletin for Covid19 and other information

Corona Virus Vaccine information

Information from Councillor Martin Earl

Here is a link to the information available from NHS Forth Valley regarding the vaccination programme. Please scroll down for information on a range of vaccine related queries & questions.


This is a link to a WHICH page providing information on a fake vaccination text message being circulated by scammers. Also contains info on other fraudulent emails/messages in circulation.


Gritting in Lowtown

The Winter Duty Supervisor has contacted TCT about Gritting Route 3 at Lowtown in Thornhill.

They have encountered the same issue as previous years regarding the Gritter trying to pass parked vehicles especially with a Plough fitted to the Gritter Unfortunately this section of carriageway did not get gritted this morning as last night the driver was having to stop and chap doors to request the owners move their vehicles in order for Gritter Route 3 to get by vehicles parked in the street which resulted in a delay in gritting the remainder of the Route.

We are asked to pass on our concerns to residents of Lowtown as due to safety issues it may come down to not being able to Grit this area without causing damage to parked vehicles and the Gritter which we do not want.

Coronavirus Update 5/1/2021

Information from Councillor Martin Earl

All mainland Scotland and the Isle of Skye has moved, today, into a Lockdown with a legal requirement to stay at home. There are a number of exemptions which would be classed as a reasonable reason to go out. The link below provides information on the restrictions and those exemptions. Scroll down to find a drop down menu for a range of situations.


Flanders Moss: A bog is for life, not just for Christmas!

Flanders Moss NNR We recently set out for a wintry squelch onto Flanders Moss in search of Christmas trees. Along the way, we found reindeers, elves and stars… of a fashion. In the video below, Bethia leads us for a festive wander, introduces some species and features of raised bogs, and highlights just how important […]

A bog is for life, not just for Christmas! — 2 bogs, a swamp and some islands

Announcements from Stirling Council

The STIRLING COUNCIL made The Stirling Council (30 mph Speed Limit) (Thornhill) Order 2020 under the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 (as amended) on 10-12-20. 

The order will:

Reduce the existing 30 mph speed limits on the A873 and B822 reducing the speed limits to 20mph limits and introduce new 30mph speed limits entering the village as part of an environment improvement scheme.

A COPY of the Order can be requested by quoting Ref No TM/6 – SRO/2020(266) and e-mailing traffic@stirling.gov.uk.

Anyone wishing to question the validity of this Order, should write to the Court of Session with six weeks of 10-12-20. www.stirling.gov.uk  or www.tellmescotland.gov.uk

The COUNCIL made The Stirling Council (C40 (Known locally as Rossburn Lane), by Blairdrummond) (Temporary Closure) Order 2020 under the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 (as amended) on 10-12-20.

This Order will close:

C40    From its junction with the B8075 to its junction with Sommers Lane from 11-1-21 until 22-1-21 to facilitate Scottish Water works.  The weight restriction on the B8075 will be suspended for the duration of the closure.

Alternative Route:    via Sommers Lane, A84, B8075 and vice versa. See map

 Access will be maintained for emergency vehicles.

A COPY of the Order can be requested by e-mailing traffic@stirling.gov.uk. www.stirling.gov.uk  or www.tellmescotland.gov.uk