Information from Councillor Martin Earl

Following the extensive impact of Storm Arwen which caused significant damage to the electricity network  SSEN Distribution is offering enhanced support to its customers and communities affected by the disruption. 

SSEN’s enhanced package of support has both a customer and community element. In a unique recognition of the exceptional impact on customers as a result of the weather event, SSEN will add a 20% goodwill payment to the statutory compensation values set by the energy regulator, Ofgem.  

This additional payment is designed to ensure those impacted most by Storm Arwen will receive more, and the payment will increase depending on the amount of time a customer was without power. For example, customers reconnected after seven days will receive an additional £154 on top of their £770 statutory payment.

Both the standard and additional compensation payments will be made automatically, where possible, as soon as data verification is complete. Payments will be issued before Christmas to as many customers as SSEN can process, with those most affected given priority.  

As a priority, and separate to automatic compensation payments, SSEN is also processing reimbursement to customers for reasonable hotel accommodation and food expenses. Affected customers are asked to submit claims to, including all receipts.

Another area tested by Storm Arwen was the resilience of the communities impacted. SSEN will make an additional £500,000 contribution to the SSEN Resilient Communities Fund, which delivers financial grants to community and not-for-profit organisations for support with community resilience projects.

SSEN enhanced compensation guide:  

2 days

3 days

4 days

5 days

6 days

7 days

8 days

9 days

(without cap)









20% SSEN Enhancement









Enhanced payment









Note: compensation will be paid in increments of 12 hours following the first 48 hours. 

For details about Ofgem’s announcement on compensation for Storm Arwen, please click here

SSEN’s customer records are provided by energy suppliers. For the small number of properties where SSEN does not hold customer details, it will work with local authorities to identify residents eligible for compensation.  If any customer believes SSEN will not hold the correct details, they are encouraged to contact their energy supplier as listed on their electricity bill. 

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