Plans to make Stirling a place where nature can thrive by increasing the diversity of plants and habitats across the region are out for consultation.

Through engage Stirling residents are being asked to give their views on the new Stirling Pollinator Action Plan and the Stirling Council Alive with Nature Plan.

The Stirling Pollinator Action Plan will remodel the way the Council manages greenspaces to reverse the dramatic decline of pollinators and help to meet our goal of becoming a carbon zero society.

As part of the consultation, an interactive map will allow residents to pinpoint greenspaces (including parks, closed cemetery sites and amenity land) across the Council area where changes to the management could be introduced to create new habitats, including small woodlands, grasslands rich in wildflowers and community orchards, to attract and protect bees, butterflies and other pollinators.

The Stirling Council Alive with Nature Plan seeks to transform the Stirling Council area into Scotland’s greenest region. It includes a range of actions that aim to help us halt biodiversity loss and contribute to the achievement of a carbon zero society. Delivery of this plan will result in increasing natural capital, improving health and wellbeing, and strengthening social inclusion, using investment in our natural environment to achieve positive change.

We are asking for your feedback on these Plans so we can make sure that your thoughts and views are added before the plan is agreed upon. If you would like to learn more about these Plans please email with your questions or to request a meeting to discuss the Plans in more detail.

Please note that the Pollinator Action Plan consultation closes on 7th January 2022. The Alive with Nature Plan consultation closes on 27th December 2021.