Update from Councillor Martin Earl

  1. Sainsbury’s e gift volunteer shopping card launched https://www.about.sainsburys.co.uk/news/latest-news/2020/20-04-2020-sainsburys-announces-volunteer-shopping-card-to-help-feed-the-nation
  1. Please see below a link to the main Scot Gov web page that contains many further links to a wide range of advice and current criteria for the public and businesses. This information is updated as required https://www.gov.scot/collections/coronavirus-covid-19-guidance

21st April 2020

I hope this email finds you and your communities safe and well during these uncertain times.

Following the announcement last week that the current lockdown restrictions in relation to Coronavirus/COVID-19 will remain in place for another three weeks, I wanted to provide a further update on the National Park Authority’s response to the situation and the support and information we are providing (you can read my previous update sent on 23rd March here).

We know that the pandemic is having a significant impact on the communities of the National Park in terms of health, well-being and the economy and we are working hard to support you through this time. This update provides information on:

Our services at this time

Support through civic duties

Work by the Community Partnership

Communications during lockdown

Access rights

Support for businesses


Contacting your locally elected Board members

Handy links to more information 

In line with national guidance, our staff are working from home and all of our buildings and visitor facilities, including car parks, toilets, our slipway and campsites, remain closed. We are not taking any camping bookings for now but the Camping Management Byelaws and Loch Lomond Byelaws still apply.

As face to face meetings are not possible at the moment we are now having virtual meetings via video conferencing or phone. This has inevitably led to some changes in how we operate, particularly in terms of our Planning and Access Services, which you can read more about on our website here.

The next meeting of the Planning and Access Committee will take place on Monday 27 April and will be held via video conference which will be available for the public to view online. Further details of the meeting will be published this week on our website and social media channels. We will communicate with Community Councils, as necessary, to discuss how planning cases are being handled and how consultation processes can be carried out.

Civic duties

I also wanted to update you on the work we have been doing to support the wider coronavirus/COVID-19 response in our communities. Assisting in any way we can is fundamental to our role as a public body and we have identified available staff and resources that could be useful in helping with the local and national response to this crisis.

Currently, our main focus is providing assistance through the Local Authorities and providing support with requests for help such as delivering essential food and medicines and other tasks to support those who are self-isolating.

We will continue to work with the Local Authorities and other local organisations to provide as much support for civic duties as we can, while still running our own essential services.